Acer Predator Helios 300 Black Friday Deals 2021

In This post you are going to get Acer Predator Helios 300 Black Friday Deals available on the internet & Acer Predator Helios 300 Cyber monday deals also.

Acer Predator Helios 300 Black Friday Deals

The Acer predator Helios 300 2017 was a great laptop and it was very popular in the Nepali market it offered one of the best internals and specifications and well was a good value for money and this time around Acer has launched its successor the ether Helios 320 18 which tries to better the Helios 320 17 so I got my hands on this laptop a few weeks ago and here is what I think about this gaming machine so let’s start by talking about the aspect where the 2017 edition fell short and that is the thermals so ether seems to have done its homework this time and this machine can keep itself pretty cool even after long sessions of gaming the software inside lets you spin the fans to its fastest and with this feature the laptop throttled a lot less than I expected it to well it did throttle some times but not to the amount of bothering me the fan does make quite a bit of noise to keep the laptop cool reaching up to 6000 rpm.


I am not complaining the laptop is primarily meant for gamers and at a glance you can see it giving the gaming by the outer part of the Acer laptop has a metallic built although the basis made of plastic which I think could have been better there is red accent everywhere and I kind of like it but you have to keep in mind that this is a gaming laptop and even if you’re not a gamer I like almost everything about the design of this laptop some of my instances with laptop these days have been following some of them feature or quality display while some are just not there and this one here falls in the formal category with its efficient resolution with its 144 Hertz display you get a top quality display panel which I have no complaints about the 144 Hertz refresh rate really helps make the computer field fast and the speed is noticeable even when you keep it besides a 120 Hertz one even the movement of the mouse cursor is fun to watch no matter how you use it you just can’t help but appreciate the display there’s a huge downside to that choice though and that is the pricing with this 144 Hertz display it will cost you a lot more but is it worth it yes it is it will give you an advantage over the others because with this one you are seeking more than what you usually do you are not going to be a great gamer for sure but you will just have a lot more fun on this laptop compared to a 60 Hertz laptop if you dive into specs the 92% sRGB color coverage just seals the deal usually with gaming laptops one would expect a bad display but with this one no matter if you are gaming editing photos videos or even just watching a movie it’s just better wellyes compared to the msi ge62 raider the color actually relax a bit but nothing that would be a deal-breaker right off the bat this is probably the most processing power one can buy at this price there’s a huge bump in the performance if the seventh and eighth generation chipsets are compared and the same thing is seen here with this laptop because with this one you get a huge performance boost in my experience it can handle everything you do it’s one of the best ones around for gaming for productivity and even for editing or video rendering the 16 GB RAM inside helps for this cause as it efficiently handles all the intensive tests you get.

Acer Predator Helios 300

RAM Slots

RAM slots and both are used if you want to upgrade you obviously will have to replace both the RAM sticks now gtx 1060 on any hardware is always amazing however in this instance the GPU does not pair well with the 144 Hertz display and this is seen by gaming to make use of the display I always had to lower the graphics significantly.


I could reach 144 FPS otherwise on higher settings games barely cross 100 FPS mark so this one is entirely up to you you can choose crisp graphics quality or smoothness talking about my gaming experience I play games in both the high and low settings to make full use of the GPU and the display respectively and in my experience I really love making full views of the 144 Hertz panel while I definitely love playing games on the highest of the settings the fluid gameplay attracted me more during my fifa 19 gaming session I lowered the graphics for higher refresh rate and that experience was just amazing the bad graphics was never a match for the fluid gameplay experience once you play on one of these displays there is no going back and even the first-person shooter games like csgo was definitely better on this laptop here however there are areas.

Graphics Card

Gtx 1060 falls a couple of setbacks high resource intensive games like pop g barely cross ninety FPS even under extremely low settings at FST resolution this isn’t bad but it just feels unsatisfying for some reason in terms of storage the Helios 300 features 256 gb of SSD which produce good results when I tested out at speed the storage provides a reach be of up to one five seven five megabytes per second while the right speed stands at 597 megabytes per second so with those numbers at helm the storage is definitely fast and the laptop runs quite smoothly without any hiccups the laptop I reviewed only had 256 GB of storage but you can add a hard drive if you want extra storage besides the SSD let’s talk about the battery life now this is the area where most of the performance-oriented devices feel to shine and over the years I have reviewed quite a few gaming laptops and what was common in all of them was all of them had poor battery life the same goes with the Easter Helios 300 a 48 watt hour battery is pretty low to begin with combine that with a 144 hertz display and a 6 core processor what you get is 2 to 3 hours of battery life which gets lower when I gave gaming laptops have a poor battery life as I discussed earlier but this one here is the definition of bad battery life the keyboard on the Helios 302 has that red accent to it that could be captivating to some the aesthetics are great but in terms of usability I didn’t quite like it because it is really mushy and just does not give you that clicky feedback that we all love the key travel and the quality of the keyboard itself seemed fine though also the orientation of the keys seemed a little cluttered take the power button for an example it is just another key on the top right the shift key is just too small for my taste as I constantly pressed another button thinking it was shift especially while gaming it definitely took me a lot of time to get used to it while the red backlit keys are good to look at I found it a little depressing because I recently used the Acer predator g9 keyboard the trackpad is a Windows precision driver and it’s just ok not good and not bad either while laptop manufacturers are opting for a more portable design by ditching even the useful ports the same cannot be said about this laptop because it has quite a good selection of ports on the left you get.


The Kensington lock 1 Ethernet HDMI USB C USB 3.0 port and one SD card reader on the right is a USB type a port or headphone jack and a charging port this laptop is missing a Thunderbolt 3 port which is a bummer but anyone who buys this laptop won’t be disappointed with it much there’s a wireless EC until nine five six zero Wi-Fi card inside the laptop which makes up for a pretty fast wireless internet connection there’s a webcam up front which is on par with a lot of budget gaming laptops currently in the market it is pretty bad as you can see from these samples the video quality is not that good – on the audio front there are dual loudspeakers on the laptop which produces loud and clear cut audio but it will have been a lot better if it could produce a bit of bass lets come to the conclusion now so if you have a sum of $1,300 or rupees bar like 65,000 in Nepal the Helios 320 18 can be a decent purchase it comes with this industry-leading 144 Hertz display but bear in mind that you will either have to make compromises on the quality of practice or in terms of film rates it is one of the very few laptops in this price range to feature a 144 Hertz panel and I think more companies will adopt it in 2019 and also with the 2060 GPU coming for laptops soon I think the adoption rates will increase even more so all in all the best part about this laptop is the display and I think it will lower a lot of audience so all in all take my word for it this is a very good option.

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