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Garmin Fenix 3 HR Black Friday Deals 2021

In This post you are going to get Garmin Fenix 3 HR Black Friday Deals available on the internet & Garmin Fenix 3 HR Cyber monday deals also.

Garmin Fenix 3 HR Black Friday Deals

Today we are doing a review of the Phoenix 3 after 6 months of use now I did put up a video back in the day after having used it for 3 months but for some reason it was taken off of YouTube so I kind of thought that was bush-league so I’m back with a review after 6 months now all of my subscribers will know this but if you’re new to my channel first off subscribe to it second off you should probably know that I regret getting the regular Phoenix 3 I should have gone with the sapphire version for basically two reasons you get the sapphire crystal display and you get the metal watch band and by itself the metal watch band is like a hundred dollars so you’re basically getting more for the same amount of money I should have definitely gone that route now in this video I’m probably not going to cover a whole lot on the hardware side you can check out my full review for pretty much all of that but I want to go over a lot with the software because a lot has changed since I last put up a video but all pretty much good things Garmin is really investing in this device they’re making changes all the time in fact just like an hour ago I had a software update so they really are investing in this device and there’s eight things in particular that I want to mention now one really quick thing before we get into those eight things


I don’t know that the Phoenix 4 is coming out anytime soon I’ve had a lot of you guys say I’m going to wait and by the Phoenix 4 when it gets an optical heart rate sensor I’ve got no confirmation that that’s happening so I don’t even know if we’re going to see a Phoenix 4 for a little while here so for me I’m definitely keeping with the Phoenix 3 anyways let’s get into those 8 items ok so number one there is that new heartrate gauge screen that you can now get for the Phoenix 3 previously that was launched on the FR 225 but you can now download that from the connect IQ store which is pretty awesome I actually find myself using that heartrate gauge quite a lot number two thankfully you can now manage and reorder your applications and widgets from the desktop app and from the mobile application but you still unfortunately cannot create your own sport profiles and you can’t change data screens from the desktop or mobile apps which is a huge letdown in my opinion it takes a lot of time to edit those screens on the little display on the Phoenix 3 I wish I could do that on the desktop software or the mobile app number 3 Garmin now allows you to set custom hotkeys so for me if I hold down the back button.

Garmin Fenix 3 HR


it goes to my stop launch and if I hold down the start and stop button it actually goes to bluetooth so I can toggle on and off bluetooth quickly and now you can customize some of those extra buttons so that you can get to things much more quickly number 4 you can now add multiple alarms in one day previously you could only do one alarm per day but now I’ve got like 4 ready at any given point in time so I’ve got like a weekend time and a weekday time and then some random time in the middle of the day to remind me to do X Y or Z but at any rate it’s really nice that you can now have multiple alarms number 5 and this is big time with the Phoenix 3 Garmin updated this sleep tracking analytics which means that it’s basically now on par with the rest of the market it’s no longer like the worst sleep tracking ever it actually gives you your deep and light sleep and it breaks it down for you in stages and I really like analyzing my sleep the next day so I really like that Garmin updated that for the Phoenix 3 and then for also a lot of the other Garmin devices number 6 Garmin updated the way you interact with your notifications so for example if you have a call you can actually answer it or decline it right from your wrist now you can’t talk through your watch but at least you can answer it or decline it right there and that way you don’t the reach for your phone so they’ve updated all of the notifications so it’s just kind of easier to work with and I’m definitely a big fan of that change number 7.Get Garmin Forerunner 235 Black Friday Deals


I think I’ve said this before but there still is no golf application for the Fenix 3 which is like come on how do you have it on the vivoactive which is half the price of the Fenix 3 but you don’t have it on the Fenix 3 it’s kind of ridiculous now there is a golf scorecard application that you can get from the Garmin Connect store but there’s no like built-in app that allows you to see courses and things like that like you have on the vivoactive I don’t know why but I really wish that we had that on the Phoenix 3 and number eight garment unfortunately has still yet to update the Bluetooth connection feature which basically alerts you of when you walk out of Bluetooth range and that’s so annoying because if you run downstairs it’s going to give you an alert that you left your phone behind and then if you run back upstairs it’s going to tell you that you connected again with your phone.Get Garmin Vívoactive 3 Music Black Friday Deals


it’s kind of ridiculous we have a lot of people complaining about it with a lot of Garmin devices and I wish that alert was nowhere in sight but I keep getting it like multiple times a day and it’s really really annoying but we do get the new Find My Phone feature which I will say I’ve been waiting for for quite a while and it’s nice to have a Find My Phone alert because sometimes I leave my phone somewhere that I don’t know where it is and at least I can now make it ring but still come on fix that connection alert feature and that’s about it I’m still a huge fan of the Phoenix 3 they made a lot of really positive software upgrades yes I would like to see the golf app yes I want that Bluetooth connection alert feature changed but this is the best fitness technology item on the market right now and I’m definitely sold on e I use it pretty much every single day and I kind of like cringe when I have to use something else so if you’re really interested in the Phoenix 3 I will have links below so you can check updated pricing on it or you can buy it at Amazon or with my friends over at clever training comm and that’s it for this video I really do hope you enjoyed it if you did click the thumbs up button below and write me a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to rizz knows and check out rizz nose comm thanks so much guys have a great day.Get Garmin Forerunner 735XT Black Friday Deals

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