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Garmin Forerunner 235 Black Friday Deals 2021

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Garmin Forerunner 235 Black Friday Deals

Garmin has really helped to completely transform my running over the last year how’s it going runners my name is justin thompson i’m your average running pt and i help the average runner achieve their own personal elite status if that’s something that you guys are into then go ahead and hit that subscribe button and click the bell so you know when the next video comes out so let me start by saying that i always thought that i was a purist that i just wanted to run because it was easy it didn’t require a lot of equipment it wasn’t really complicated it was just put on a pair of shoes head out the door and just feel your way through your run and that’s what i’ve done since starting running whether competitively or obviously as a kid i didn’t have any sort of equipment that was giving me any feedback or data what i would always use would just be a simple timex stopwatch that would tell me how fast are you going or it would tell me how long i was running that was really all it told me uh it didn’t tell me how fast i was going because it had no way of tracking how far i was running i had to measure that out beforehand so the only way i knew if i was quote on pace would be.


I marked out the mile markers along the way and checked my watch at each of those mile markers so you know it’s it’s something that for me running was always simple it was always easy it didn’t need all the data but let me tell you what ever since having my garmin watch and and it doesn’t have to be garmin it can be polar it can be sunto it can be you know koros whatever whatever the brand let me just tell you though it’s completely changed my thoughts on running data that can be acquired and how that data can be used in order to help with your performance in the long term now of course i’m not saying that you have to have one i’m not going to make that argument but i am going to try and at least convince you that you know if you are trying to improve and you want to um have data that tells you whether you actually are improving then i think that it’s going to be very very beneficial for you to have some sort of gps watch or something like that that can tell you exactly what your what you’re doing with your your heart rate your step rate your all of these different things and and the distances that you’re running so the way this all started for me was whenever i did a running form assessment with my coach coach enoch nadler who’s you know i mentioned him on the channel before he’s a 213 marathoner he knows what he’s doing when it comes to you know form training and and all these kinds of things and coaching and all this so he’s he’s fantastic but i did a a a running form assessment with him and what he did was he gave me his i believe it was a polar watch um and and he said okay put this on and he also put a little um i think it was like a stride monitor or hooked onto the back of my my my pants.

Garmin Forerunner 235


it kind of was measuring stride rate and it was measuring all these different things while he was also video filming me with my with my running form and so it that’s where it started that’s that was the first time i ever put a gps watch on my wrist and i was like okay whatever i’ll put it on i’ll see what kind of data it gives us that’s fine and so after we were done and we were looking through all this data i was like i had no idea that you could figure these things out from a simple running watch it just kind of blew me away and like i said i never thought i was a data guy but seeing those numbers seeing those graphs and those charts was like whoa are you serious that i had no idea that i could get this kind of information on the run and be able to review that and check that and see how my body is actually responding or doing on these individual runs and so my mind started ticking and i remember it was it was in the middle of november early november last year i think it was like november 9th or 10th and we were getting close to close to thanksgiving close to black friday and i was like i think i want a running watch kind of look for those black friday deals or things like that and as i’m releasing this right now i’m going to be releasing this on december 3rd so i’m just past the one year mark of getting my first running watch because i did go and find this watch on black friday i was asking my teammates you know what watch should i get they said if you want something in in your budget i gave them my budget they said if you want something in that budget that’s going to give you all the information that you need they said get a garmin forerunner 235 and so that’s what i did i went and got a garmin forerunner 235


It was within my budget my wife got one too it was kind of it was kind of cool we decided to just kind of do it together and the information that it gives has just been so valuable that um it completely changed the way that i trained and i remember the first day that i ran with it i thought all right let’s just kind of see what the heart rate monitor does let’s see what the how it measures step right let’s see if it kind of tracks the mileage right all that kind of stuff so i went out for a run with with my wife and it was it was the day after black friday so it was like just just after i got it and i was like running and i was running and it was showing me that my heart rate was at 161 beats and beats per minute and i was running at somewhere around 11 and a half minutes per mile because i was running with my wife and i thought okay there’s one of two things going on here either this is completely off or i am really out of shape because if i’m running 11 and a half minutes a mile and i’m


I have 161 beats per minute from my heart rate something is off and i thought you know i’ve been running with my team for about a year now at this point i had been running with team ftc for about a year and so i was like there’s no way i’m that bad out of shape there’s no way my heart rate can’t keep up with my with my running that badly and you know there’s no way that such an easy slow run should increase my heart rate to that level and it wasn’t hot outside that day i remember it was it was the day after thanksgiving and or two days after thanksgiving and it was it was in the 60s or something like that in the in the temperatures so it wasn’t like the temperature was a factor so in the subsequent days and weeks i i was still trying to kind of figure out you know what what what heart rate should i even be running at this is where i started to explore math method and and low heart rate training and trying to figure out you know what kind of uh what kind of heart rate should i even be running at and because i hadn’t really done that i wasn’t a data guy i remember so i i hadn’t ever measured my heart rate in relation to you know my running and so i started to train at my math number which i was 31 at the time so my math number would be 149 beats per minute i was telling myself okay my goal just try and keep it under 150 and see how that goes there was so much walking and jogging walking and jogging walking and jogging going on and i was finishing these these miles in about 12 minutes per mile and anywhere between 11 and a half and 12 minutes per mile and i was just thinking man i am really really bad out of shape and then it clicked i was like wait a minute whenever i run a 5k or whenever i do any race for that matter i always fade at the end i always feel like i have the speed like i i can bust out the the repeats on the track that are required for me to run a certain time in a 5k but i always fade at the end of a race whether it’s a 5k or a half marathon or any other race distance i always fade in the end not because i think that i have a mental um a lack of mental toughness because i was a college athlete i always felt like i had a lot of mental toughness but i definitely felt like i was lacking something at the end of races and for me it was an aerobic capacity i didn’t have it it was just not even there and i was completely reliant on my anaerobic abilities.

My ability to burn carbohydrates and i would just burn that up really fast really hard i had never taught my body how to burn fats for fuel having this watch taught me how to run in a certain heart rate zone so that i could train my body to burn fat for fuel and not feel that fade at the end of a race and so over the last year i have been running using heart rate and of course i’ve you know jumped into my team ftc workouts though because you know i wanted to keep my legs sharp to some degree and whenever i go to team ftc workouts i would i would talk to my teammates about low heart rate running and they would see my stuff on strava because as soon as i got my watch i jumped onto strava as well which was completely new and foreign to me so it was i guess like the facebook or instagram of of of running or something i didn’t know what it was i just kind of jumped on and started posting my runs and my friends and my teammates on on the team were looking at my stuff and they’re like why are you running so slow i i i was explaining to them look i i basically have no aerobic capacity i basically i burn myself out pretty much every time i start running within a couple of months i’m kind of like all right i’m tired of this and over those three months or so that i was first starting running with with my running watch i i wasn’t getting burnt out

I was excited to get out there on every run and that was new to me i was excited to see the data i was excited to see over that three month period what was happening to my heart rate because i went from those 12 11 and a half minutes 11 minute miles and i got down to where i was running just under 10 minutes per mile for these easy runs i could run you know six or you know five or six miles and my heart rate would stay under that 150 now it was during the colder months last year but you know i was i was excited to see the changes in my heart rate and that’s when i started posting on youtube because this was exciting to me and i felt like i needed to share it with people and that was kind of the the birth of this youtube channel and and it really all came out of buying this watch and um it’s it’s been a complete game changer for me uh because once i once i started doing this my 5k time improved from i think it was like just under 21 minutes to in in october of of last year to 19 minutes and i think it was 39 seconds or something like that in march of this year.

Then you know that that was kind of the start of it and i got excited and then you know i took some time off because i was getting a little uh off from covid uh starting in march so i took some time off from from running and from the youtube channel and then i jumped back on started the training again started doing heart rate training again i had to build it back up a little bit now i’m able to run between nine minutes a mile and nine and a half minutes a mile.

I’ve run now 1909 for a 5k i am trying to go under 18 minutes for a 5k uh coming up in a couple of weeks and then you know the ultimate goal would be to beat my longtime high school pr which is now 14 years old which is in 1822 from high school so in a couple of weeks i hope to i hope to beat my or at least go under 19 minutes as the next step towards my goal of beating my longtime pr so i think that it’s doable i think that having this watch and having that data and having the the heart rate monitor and all of that to keep me in check and keep my legs fresh so that those harder faster workouts are way more effective that’s that’s that’s one of the biggest things that i’ve learned is if you run at a heart rate where your your your legs remain fresh and you’re not burnt out then you’re excited to go and do those harder workouts on the track or harder workouts where you’re running those tempo runs or those intervals it’s exciting it’s really exciting so you know i’m not telling you guys that you need to have a gps watch or heart rate monitor watch or whatever i don’t i’m not saying you have to have it but if you’re an average runner and you want to achieve more if you want to run faster and if you want to do it in in a way that you feel like you’ve got numbers you’ve got data that can tell you whether you’re actually improving this is a great way to do it so i’m going to put a link down in the description below to the garmin forerunner 235 there’s obviously a million other watches out there so if you are interested in getting into heart rate based training or or just using numbers and data as as kind of a way to track and and even posting your stuff on on strava that’s that’s a fun thing because there’s community there um you know that’s that’s a kind of a thing that it’s it’s an additional benefit the the community that you have on strava that’s that’s a fun thing so i know that was kind of a long-winded kind of a video i hope that it wasn’t too long i hope that it wasn’t too boring but i’m just i’m excited because i’ve had this for a year now and it’s been such a blessing so beneficial for me that i wanted to share that with all of you guys um let me know if you guys have had similar kind of um effects of putting on a running watch for the first time if you kind of had the kind of had those lights turn on that light bulb moment of hey i can really track this stuff and see how i’m actually improving and then tell me if you’ve had similar results just based on you know the data that you’re getting from your uh your gps watch all right so that’s all for today guys head on out there seek your elite god bless and i’ll see you next time

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