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Garmin Forerunner 735XT Black Friday Deals 2021

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Garmin Forerunner 735XT Black Friday Deals 2021

We’re going to be taking a look at the Garmin 735 XT this is a new addition to my collection I’ve had four runners in the past and the vivoactive but this one is hopefully going to help me with my training a lot more it’s is a multi-sport watch Hills hence the XT and you do running swimming cycling and it also has the option of the triathlon setting so without further ado let’s open it up I have broken the seals already because I wanted to take the look and make sure everything was there well present in case as always by going inside you get usual charging cable Quick Start manual perfect Quick Start manual multiple languages there lots okay and safety information let’s take a look at this neck okay sides off strap as always retirement products we really do pay attention to the that.


we’ll look with the products and the packaging that’s associated with it just tear off strip we’ll get rid of them you can sit there so okay as you can see this one is in black there are other colors available it’s the heart rate monitor sensor on the back there these pins they are for the charger which just literally clips onto the side Wow charge is up right let’s power this on and get it all set up okay I saw select English distance so you can I do miles or kilometers I prefer miles sorry formats 24-hour mail 1978 wait think 170 but I’ll change that I go later if that’s incorrect heights six-foot-tall okay that’s the main screen these three lights on the back they’ll be measuring your heart rate from the wrist I’m giving any information at the moment because I’m not it’s not attached to the arm so an active menu okay so this is a you can look back on all your information all your system settings activity settings let’s have a look in there also take two screens alert ya lapse metronome or suppose GPS yeah so that’s all the basic functions you’d expect so let’s have a look at the activities.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT


I miss you missus up arrow now yeah so the route activities we got we’ve got a run which will be outdoor or indoor run so P treadmills bike indoor bike pool swim open water swim and then there’s the triathlon setting connect to IQ apps so to go for a run machinist there we go GPS is ready no I’m inside and that’s connected very very quickly for his first time quiet pressed for that so this is normally the start button sort try that okay so there’s a little indicator they’re telling me to press that button again so on so let’s see we can go through any screens oh you have account right so on there you’ve got your distance your time in your pace you can change to another screen where you rate your lap distance your lap time in your lap pace straw the sofa score now I don’t know too much about this but I will look into this and hopefully want to do a more in-depth review of the watch be able to tell you what that’s all about warm-up so that’ll be for your heart rate again it’s not coming up with anything that moment because I’m not connected to it and then the time so so that’ll be it you’re off and running okay that’s a stop okay then you would have a regime set in saving your activity discarding back to starts let’s discard that one because I don’t want to the con people ice suggesting I had a seven second run let’s see how we oh that’s quite close right so based on the duration and how hard you run it gives you a suggested recovery time as well that’s quite good let’s go to the next activities off we got we’ve got indoor running now obviously this won’t be as accurate because there’ll be no GPS involved just one I said that will discard that one too okay activity discarded recovery time again suggested for you in bro hours the other activities let’s have a look at the triathlon because from what I’ve read this is quite good


we’ll go on to the triathlon so you’re there on triathlon day you’ve got yourself settle your wrist heart rate monitor is disabled during go swim activities now there are additional heart rate monitors that you can buy for this I just bought the watch and like I say these are rate monitors we’ll get attached to you and then they will be providing the information to the watch for you to download later on so what I believe you press this to start and you are off this is your part of your swim now then you don’t press this because this ends the activity what you do is you press the bottom button which then moves you on to the next disciplined so currently we’re now in transition one we’ve just come out of swim rinse transition getting ready to on the bike and then use you in elapsed time of how long you’re in transition for once you’re off and running again press the bottom button you are now on your bike so it’s changed from swim to a transition to the bike now the GPS will be activated then again and I’ll be measuring your distance and your time and your speed you finish your bike obviously takes you a lot longer than 20 seconds and you’re now in transition – so you ditching the bike you’re getting ready for the wrong again an elapsed time within the transition zone once you are up and running down the bun you press the button you are now moved to the run so now it’ll be monitoring your pace and GPS and based on your you’ll run it now once that’s complete I believe rather you don’t end it again you just hit the the bottom button again trifon complete probably be better off for the different you now then I’m pretty sure that times not really valid so I’ll have to discard that one I can’t calm people with that but that’s the trans the triathalon part of this watch as I mentioned it has the heart rate monitor it’s built into it let’s get rid of the recovery sign let’s get past this stuff so then this will be attached to the wrist as so and those lights will be trying to pick off the poles and just play your heart rate hold it okay to access the page options okay so I’ll give you a look into focus give you your heart rate for the last four hours your highest your lowest your resting heart rate excellent I’ll see what that’s good more widgets are available that’s for you than them you can add your last run I just ride swim in 10 30 minutes lots of calories VRI be you must got something to do with your records and achievements the Assessor will selectively calendar whether slaughter ad notifications yeah well odd notifications I’ve got Sperry with the phone we’ll do that in a bit pri be searching he’s read up on that so as you can see then this is really good products available still through Garmin this is possibly say in the mid-range of their their foreign models there is the 235 prior to this one I had the 220 now they were just running watches this one is a multi-sport watch and then a lease the 900 series which is when it gets quite serious the battery life on this apparently is good for seven days as a normal watch and then it’s is 11 hours with the GPS on gives you more than enough time to get the training in get yourself as fit as you possibly can be and to be able to complete a triathlon all good stuff can’t wait to get out on this once I have been out and about on it a few times I’ve got some information downloaded onto the Garmin Connect app I’ll do another product review see how it’s holding up see if there’s anything any pros and cons all things at the moment pointing towards the pros you say it’s a more specific watch for myself then I’ve had in the past it’s gonna help me with the multi disciplines have a read up on a few more things and then I will come back to you with the results on that and let you know but you know I’m getting on with it.

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