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Garmin Vívoactive 3 Music Black Friday Deals 2021

In This post you are going to get Garmin Vívoactive 3 Music Black Friday Deals avilable on the internet & Garmin Vívoactive 3 Music Cyber Monday Deals also.

Garmin Vívoactive 3 Music Black Friday Deals 2021

This is the vivoactive 3 music from Garmin and tonight I want to share with you my thoughts on this watch after using it over the last week so let’s go ahead and jump right into it so first of all let me just mention that I’ve been a runner for the last I think 21 years of my life I also am a tech junkie and so I’ve actually reviewed a ton of GPS smartwatches over the last few years on this channel but then also ones that I just bought before I even had this channel.


I have never had a Garmin watch in the main reason I’ve never had a Garmin watch is because this is the very first one that’s available with music now they’ve actually added the music feature to a number of their Garmin five series watches as well but this is the very first one available with music and that’s kind of a big stipulation for me whenever I’m using a GPS SmartWatch is I really like to have music or at least the capability of having music with me on my run so let’s go ahead now and talk about this watch so the vivoactive 3 has actually been available for quite a while so that’swithout the music part it’s basically the exact same watch but it’s 50 dollars cheaper and it doesn’t come with the option of music so now that this one’s available the vivoactive 3 is available for $300 I picked it up at Best Buy and that’s actually the very first thing I want to talk about is that price point.

So one of the main reasons why I haven’t tried out Garmin watches other than the fact that they don’t have music up until now is the fact that the price has always been kind of a little bit high for me I’ve never personally felt that GPS watch was really worth that much so here is kind of like my go-to watch when it comes to GPS smartwatches this is the Amaze fit Stratos you can see at the moment it’s dead because I’ve been using this over the last week but this is kind of for me the gold standard at the moment love this watch basically all the same capabilities that you get with but you can pick this one up for a hundred and sixty dollars using the coupon code below and I’m going to do a direct comparison with these two probably in the next week or so but for right now.

I want to focus on this watch so number one thing I don’t really like about it is the price point but I will admit that I do really love this watch so far so price that’s number one so second thing I don’t really like about the garmin vivoactive 3 music is really unfortunate and that is unfortunately the Bluetooth connections so with obviously the music you’re gonna need some Bluetooth headphones so I’ll just share with you kind of a quick background so these are my favorite earbuds to wear while running so these are called the xgo – unfortunately they’re not even available anymore but I’ve used these over the last two years with just about every GPS SmartWatch that I’ve been using and they’ve been fantastic unfortunately on day three of wearing this watch I took them out in a major rainstorm and I killed the left ear bud that’s a problem because not only the right earbud works and the left earbud is the main ear but for these and so that’s kind of an issue so with that being said since then I’ve had to try out a bunch of other ones so these are I believe they’re called the origin something I can’t remember but these are obviously wired versus true Wireless and these ones work fine with the watch as long as I’m wearing the watch on my right wrist which is a problem for me because as you can see based on my little tan line here.

Garmin Vívoactive 3 Music

I always wear my watch on the left side and it’s a little awkward wearing it on the right for me so these did work just fine with it again because the Bluetooth receivers on the right and if I wear it on my right it’s just fine so that’s just I tried those out but I’m not really content with wearing my watch on the right wrist it’s kind of annoying so then I tried him out with my Apple earpods they have a skin on them but I tried him out with my Apple earpods kind of the same issue is if I wear it on the left wrist I would find it that it would skip the music would skip every once in a while because of a lost Bluetooth connection so then I tried out these earbuds because these are the QC yt1 Pro I’ve had these for a little bit and these ones you can actually choose which one is the main ear but so I course chose the left one but the signal on these is pretty terrible so they didn’t work either so then I went out and bought some really expensive ones

These are the Jabra elite active 65 T’s so these are available for $200 I’m thinking that these would work a little bit better with this watch but the problem of these is that again their right ear but is the main earbud and so as long as I wore the watch on my right wrist it’s just fine but the same issue if I wear it on my left wrist I get skips so the Bluetooth connection on this is not particularly strong so if you are going to wear this with bluetooth headphones which probably is the reason why you got it since it is the music version of the watch you’re gonna want to find a pair of bluetooth headphones that have the left side as the main side or the main receiver of the earbud so that’s why these ones worked so well is because the left is the main ear button and the right is just kind of like it works off of the left one.

I have it backwards anyways yeah there we go and anyways yeah so that’s why those worked so well so that’s reason number two and then the reason number three is kind of minor for me the third thing I don’t necessarily like and that is the music options you have with the vivoactive 3 music so there are basically three ways you can get music at the moment actually really only two with a third one on the way so number one is you can just transfer music directly and that’s basically just a drag-and-drop so that’s the same way you get music onto the Amaze fit Stratos basically just drag and drop it over from your computer that’s fine that’s how I’ve been using it and that’s okay the second way you can do it is if you have I Heart Radio playlists you can transfer music from those playlists over to the watch as that’s number two and then the third one that’s not available yet but supposed to be available soon is using Deezer.

if you’re premium subscriber to DS or you pay for their monthly subscription you can also transfer music from there so obviously missing our Apple music google play music Amazon music and Spotify none of those work on this watch as of yet so the music options are a little bit limited so now let’s go ahead and talk about the things that I really love about this watch so that’s pretty much everything else.


I really like the design of it So there is just one physical button on the watch everything else is touchscreen so I’ll go ahead and kind of show you so if you touch it once it’s gonna take you right into your workouts if you slide to the left it’s gonna go into kind of like your no there we go okay so if you slide to the left it’s kind of like your back you’re going back and then basically from there it’s just up and down so it just went to midnight so everything’s going to be at zeros right now but yeah so other than that is pretty much it so it says no notifications that’s because I pretty much turn off notifications on the watch I’m not really a huge fan of having a bunch of notifications but the notifications on this watch do look pretty decent you can read them but that’s about it there’s no responding to them actually I should correct that you can actually set up SMS with the watch so that it has some automatic responses so that’s kind of cool but that’s pretty much it as far as the watch oh and I should show you also if you hold it down there are some shortcuts here so that’s kind of cool so you can turn Do Not Disturb on and off right here answer phone call turn it off you can go directly to music your files turn the power off lock it and then adjust the brightness honestly you don’t really even really need to adjust the brightness that often because in perfect daylight you can see it just fine so I actually I should probably adjust it right now so we can see a little bit better because it’s kind of dark right now but yeah so but in daylight it’s no issue because it has some kind of like technology that allows you to see the watch face quite easily same thing with the Amaze fit Stratos this one the brighter the daylight the easier it is to see obviously right now instead you won’t be able to see it but it’s just fine.

Now we’ll slope to the left and go back now in terms of the activities that you can track here so I’ll go ahead and hit that button one more time so we have run treadmill bike walk pull swim cardio and then navigate so those the ones I set up to use but if you come down here you’ll see that there are quite a few other ones available as well those are just my favorites but there’s a bunch of them here available these are a couple that I added so if you want to find your car you can actually set that up you can also that’s like the stuff popular seven-minute workout and of course you can add more but basically any kind of activity that you want to do is available here the one thing I noticed it’s missing here with this being a 5 atmosphere water-resistant watch basically you can go down deep-sea diving down to 164 feet and be just fine with this watch so the one that I noticed it’s missing is there is actually no specific triathlon feature in this watch so for those of you that are triathletes um there’s no way to automatically jump from run them bike then sweater sorry swim and then bike and then run so just a quick note there maybe not the best triathlete watch correct me if I’m wrong there I haven’t done a triathlon in quite a few years so that’s not something I was looking for anyways so that’s something I like I like the build quality.

I like the software on the watch I also really like the software on your phone so let me go into that real quick um so this is the software in the phone it’s going to use Garmin Connect as you can see right down here you download the Garmin Connect app works on both Android and iOS you can see everything just changed because the D switched but let’s go ahead and you can see obviously heart rates not going to work but it tracks your heart rate throughout the day so it’s going to show you here so I went for a workout a little bit later tonight there’s those are the runs I went on a little bit earlier tonight obviously June 25th with it being 1209 I don’t have any heart rate up at the moment has been sitting down there the whole time but yeah so in terms of the tracking the GPS works perfect.

It’s spot-on absolutely no issues with that so go into this is actually like my main run the other one was just a cool-down but then you go in here you go to gives you kind of all kinds of details about your runs so your average pace your fastest pace your speed pretty much everything you could possibly want is available here it gives you your laps here and yeah really no issue whatsoever heart rate is spot-on no issues there you notice there’s no blips wear it like dropped your heart rate so the definitely the heart rate sensor on here is fantastic battery life is also very good so I’m at 33% actually I don’t know that I’ve even fully charged this really completely at all yet I think usually when I charge I just get it up to 80% which is good enough to last me a couple days but they claim I believe seven days a better life let’s see here on the box that says yeah so seven days on watch mode five hours if you’re using GPS and music mode so that is kind of key.

if you’re using music it actually drains the better considerably faster than just GPS so if you’re just using GPS you can definitely get more than five hours but if you’re using GPS plus music mode five hours is probably accurate in general like let’s say on a six mile run so about four you know forty minutes for me it’s going to drop about ten percent battery so just kind of a ballpark there and but battery life is very good easily can get through two or three days I’m just by getting up to eighty percent for me and that’s with activities each and every day everything about the actual app is really great I have no issues with that it’s super easy to navigate this is my very first Garmin watch I had no issues navigating it now if you are somebody who likes kind of like the Fitbit community the community on here is definitely nowhere near what you get with Fitbit but there is the connect IQ store if you want to add some apps it is pretty limited still and another thing that I’ll mention that is also maybe just a slight negative is at the moment it doesn’t it has NFC built-in but that’s not a feature available on the watch quite yet so it will be available but at the moment it’s not so just something to keep in mind there but with your activity as you can see there’s multi sport I found it it’s amazing I’m doing the video now and I finally find it but that’s the multi sport there alright so I’m here the connections so you can see at the moment I don’t have quote-unquote connections apparently none of my friends actually use garmin watches but we do have groups and so there are a lot of local groups that I found so I’m from Michigan.

I found some groups and I knew some people in those groups haven’t made any quote/unquote connections with them yet to share my live feed with them but overall I just really like the software super intuitive really easy to use no issues there whatsoever so software wise fantastic watch so honestly my only complaint is that if I were a runner that didn’t care so much about the music part of it this would be really a perfect SmartWatch GPS Smart Watch the tracks you’re running I can mention that GPS is spot-on the heart rate is spot-on everything about the tracking is fantastic the altitude I should mention that is also really good you can even navigate it so I mentioned earlier that there’s just a navigation app here so it’ll navigate you through your maps and that’s really cool but again the one issue I have of that is the fact that it’s not great for music as of yet so maybe that will update maybe things will get better the Bluetooth connection could get better or just find a pair of bluetooth headphones where the main receiver is on the same side that you wear the watch so anyways quick look at the vivoactive 3 music fantastic watch with just a couple of exceptions.

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